Functions of a Retail POS System

What would it be like never to have to worry about bookkeeping errors or where to get the money to pay all those bookkeeping professionals? Computerlink has made this possible. Their Retail Point of Sale Software has been designed to help businesses improve their sales records, inventory management, receipt processing, order processing and other aspects of a business. The cash register software is just an example of the efficient POS systems that are revolutionising the small to medium enterprise industry. Below we explore the various important functions of Retail POS systems and how they help boost productivity in a business.

Cash Register Software

Cash Register Software

Customer Order Processing

Keeping details about each and every customer is crucial for a business. It allows the business to handle each customer’s order personally and to their satisfaction. The customer order processing function of the retail POS system allows one to retrieve details about the customer such as special discounts, payment means and delivery details.

It automatically applies any discounts where applicable.

An order can be altered depending on the customer’s needs.

Automatic placement of out of stock products on backorder.

Creation and printing of proforma invoices, quotations and picking slips.

Each customer thus gets to handle personally and this plays a big role in improving business-customer relationship.

Inventory management

If you have stocked your business with many and varied products, it is important to keep a record of each one of them. With POS systems you can keep track of products by item, group, supplier, store and season. This ensures that at any time, you are aware of the products in the store and where they are. Benefits of inventory management include;

It is accurate and easy to use.

Inventory management becomes more efficient and streamlined.

You can track your stock from the time you order it to the end sale.

With inventory management you can observe sales trends which will help in better buyer planning.

Stock Receipting

Whenever stock is received, it is receipted with a date, total and invoice number into the inventory system. You can therefore better control the stock within the business and note any discrepancies easily.

Purchase order management

Cash register software and other POS software make tracking of purchases and their delivery easy and efficient. Other than tracking the purchases, you can amend them at any time and once the stock arrives it is easy to match it against required deliveries. Purchase order management also allows one to keep track of stock levels to ensure they are not depleted.

Customer control

Keeping present and past customer records is very important. With customer control software you can easily view present and archived details and reproduce customer statements such as invoices within a few seconds. Each customer’s account is well kept and maintained. This is especially important in debt control where outstanding debts and slow payers are noted.

Other important features and functions of cash register systems and other point of sale software include daily close and end of month reports, loyalty system, online help system, touch screen technology and an easy to use web shop interface.

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Things to Do Before Upgrading to the Mavericks OS X

Planning to install the Mavericks OS X? There are several steps that you must take after youdownload Mac software and are planning to carry out an install. This goes further than ensuring that your system meets the requirements. There are other factors that matter such as the configuration of your OS and even the current software that you have been using before contemplating an upgrade or new install.  Here are some key steps that you must undertake once you download Mac software:


Check out the specifications

Apple has placed some minimum system requirements which must be met before you proceed with installation of the Mac OS X software download. A  Mac that runs the Mountain Lion OS X, for example, will readily run the Mavericks OS X. If you download Mac software from the Apple Mac store, then this should install just fine as the Mac software will check the system for compatibility.

Clear current problems

If you are already running a Lion OSX or a Mountain Lion OSX, ensure that there are no major system problems that may impact performance.  Problems such as the regular crashes of the OS X applications are likely to persist if the root source are not determined and corrected.  The problems might be due to hardware malfunction which is OS-invariant. Irrespective of the OS X that you are using, a hardware malfunction will remain a hardware malfunction.  Problems may also be due to software malfunction issues that simply migrate from one system to another.  Installing the Mavericks over a fully functioning version provides for not only a smooth upgrade but also a seamless performance afterwards.

Running the basic maintenance routines

This is another key step that you must perform on your hardware drive after you download a Mac software.  Check the Mac hard drive using the Disc Utility in the Safe Mode of operation. The problems or errors can be corrected by rebooting the system to the Recovery HD Partition. There are many other third party utilities that you can use to run a full check up and maintenance routine before the installation of the Mavericks OS X.

Updating the third party software

This is an important step to undertake if you are running third party software on your Mac. Ensure that the software is fully updated in preparation for running utility software to clear or maintain your system.  Once you are done with the Mac software download, ensure it has compatibility with some of the third party utility software.


This is generally a standard routine when planning to install any OS on your machine and the same holds true with the Mavericks OS X installation. Apple’s Time Machine is a highly versatile backup solution that you can make use of to ensure your data is adequately protected as you plan an upgrade.  The backup serves two main functions during the OS X install. On the one hand, it enables you to recover all data in case something goes wrong during the installation process. On the other hand, it enables you to have a clean install so that you can migrate your data later once the OS is safely in your drive. To download Mac software, check out .

Get Professional Car Wreckers Wellington Services to Answer Your Needs

Looking for some professional CAR WRECKERS Wellington services? Call the number 0800 649 648 toll-free and get the best car removal Wellington service. The car wreckers Wellington service provides professional car removal and car wreckers services for the residents of Wellington with old car wreckages.

car wreckers wellington

car wreckers wellington

Your car might be old and in a disused state but it can be of value to others. The old car wreckages can be a nuisance. Not only does it occupy too much space, but it can be an unsightly addition to your beautiful lot. If you are worried about the cost of the disposal or the hauling off of your vehicle, you can make use of the car wreckers Wellington service for fast, efficient and high value wrecking service that offers maximum value on the car wreckage services.  Under the cash for cars program, vehicle owners can earn top dollars on the car removal services.

The car dismantling process is fairly strict in adhering to the highest standards. The broken down car can be put to many valuable uses. The parts can be resold in the auto parts aftermarkets and be used in many other vehicles. The scrap metal from the cars can be used by painters and the scrap can be recycled or refurbished and reused in other vehicles. Selling your cars to the car wreckers Wellington service also has an ethical dimension as the recycling is part of the environmental conservation and ensures environmental sustainability.

The car wreckers Wellington service offers more flexibility and advantageous cash for cars program. As a seller, you can easily place a request for a price quote online and get a corresponding price match in a matter of seconds. The car wreckers Wellington service offers car wreckers service for a variety of models including the Nissan wreckers service, Mitsubishi wreckers service and Toyota wreckers services amongst others. The auto wrecking service is also flexible in the range of the vehicle models that you can dispose of via the car wreckers Wellington service. These can range from the sedans to the UTEs, vans, 4WD and trucks amongst others.

The old wreckages from the auto wreckers services are next broken down into pieces and then applied in various areas. Even as you dispose of your car, you can rest easy knowing you are contributing towards environmental sustainability and ethical disposal of metallic wreckages. Instead of ending up in the landfills and polluting the environment, the old wreckage is used in more productive areas.  You also make a great deal of money as you can earn as much as $10,000 from your old cars depending on the make and the condition of the car. Get the latest free price quotes on the car removal Wellington service by visiting the site below.

The car wreckers Wellington service is available on a variety of service areas in Wellington. Wherever your location in Wellington, you can access the car wreckers Wellington service in a matter of minutes. Car pick up services are quick and are expedited as soon as you express an interest. Popular service areas for the Wellington car wrecking services include the Wellington Central Region and other Wellington Regions such as Eastbourne, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Masterton and Wairarapa amongst others. For additional information on the car wrecking services in Wellington, drop an email to , also at or call 0800 649 648 toll-free.



Help Save the Environment and Save Money with Solar Attic Fans

If you are looking to improve the ventilation of your home or office, seriously consider utilizing solar Attic fans. As we all know, devices which run on solar power are definitely environment-friendly. As a bonus, you also get to cut your overall energy consumption therefore cutting your monthly household or office electricity bill. By using this type of fan, you get to play your part in saving our environment and you do so while saving money.

attic fans

attic fans

Apart from helping reduce energy consumption, the use of this device also helps a lot in preserving your other electrical appliances such as air-coolers, ACs, and the traditional electric fan. Overheat is less likely to happen to your expensive devices since you will now have a good alternative for them. Using a solar attic fan for each of the rooms in your office or home will not only make a big impact in energy conservation but will also help prolong the life of your other appliances. That means less repair costs and additional savings.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of using the device, a solar powered attic fan is also easy to install and use. Many of the manufacturers or sellers of this fan offer installation at a very low cost or even free of charge. Easy installation also means that it is also easy to access and maintain. It is also a very user-friendly device much like those regular home appliances.

Its durability is also not a question. The best one available in the market has a monocrystaline panel – the best solar panel available at present. Its base is interchangeable too. Many sellers even offer free lifetime warranty so you won’t have to worry if you encounter manufacturing defects while using the product. Many of them also include a thermal switch. This switch monitors the room temperature and automatically activates the device when it reaches a certain degree. It has a safety lock as well to ensure that it is firmly installed in place.

One of the biggest questions raised about solar attic fans is about how worthy it is to use given its cost. It is true that its retail price is higher as compared to regular ventilation devices but since it does not have any operational costs, you can still save money in the long run. They are made available by different solar technology device providers so they are very accessible as well. They are available in different models so you have a lot of options. You can even place an order via online shops.

Solar Royal, LCC offers solar ventilation products which are ideal for both residential and commercial use. Their main product is the 22-Watt Premium Solar Attic Fan with Thermostat that comes with a lifetime warranty. This product does not only have good aesthetics but also has great functionality. Their team boasts of over 30 years of experience when it comes to product development so you have the assurance that you will get your money’s worth buying their products. For more information about this premium item and for free ventilation tips, visit them at or give them a call at (800) 317 4996.

Absolut Custom Glass Systems; For Quality and Professional Pool Fencing and Balustrading

One of the most challenging things landscapers have to deal with is a swimming pool. This is especially so when the pool has to be fenced for safety purposes. Finding a pool fence that is both elegant and safe is not an easy task. If you are caught in just such a dilemma, worry no more; with Absolut Custom Glass Systems, your pool fencing and pool balustrading woes are over. With professionals well experienced in pool fencing Gold Coast-based businesses, Absolut Custom Glass Systems is the ultimate go to solution for your pool fencing needs.

pool balustrading gold coast

pool balustrading gold coast

 Why Do You Need Pool Fencing?

 A pool can be a luxury that is perfect for any home, but on the other hand it also can be pose a big risk, especially when there are young children around. Investing in quality pool fencing Gold Coast-based service will ensure that accidents are prevented. Unlike traditional pool fences that do not take aesthetics into account, modern fencing from Absolut Custom Glass Systems considers your landscape design as well as your utmost safety. With their pool fencing services, you get to enjoy various advantages over other forms of pool fencing Gold Coast-based services. The benefits from their glass fences include:

Adaptability – the fencing does not intrude into your landscape design. Since it is glass, the fencing will not interfere with your existing landscape. You therefore do not have to worry about getting a landscape professional to redesign your exterior.

Visibility – the fencing creates a sense of space and light. Your views of the pool are not in any way obstructed; in fact they are enhanced.

Overall elegance – glass pool fencing creates elegance in your home making it look classy and beautiful.

You have a choice between frameless and semi-frameless pool glass designs. If these are not enough for you, Absolut Custom Glass Systems also offers you fully customisable designs that are made according to your specifications. Absolut Custom Glass Systems has a pool fencing certification Gold Coast quality rating; hence you are assured of reliable and professional results.

Pool Balustrading Gold Coast

 Do you want to create an even more elegant pool view? Try pool glass balustrading Gold Coast-based services from Absolut Custom Glass Systems. The company has handled numerous balustrading projects for both commercial and residential clients and you can be sure that they know exactly what you need. With a glass balustrade you can be sure that your pool will enhance or compliment the whole of your landscape design.

 Whichever region you are in Australia, you can make use of the excellent services of Absolut Custom Glass Systems. Just ask for a free quote and then submit your specifications for the pool balustrade. Using only the toughest of glass, you are investing in something that is truly long lasting. For those who need customized glass pool balustrades, a quick call or email to confirm you requirements is all that is needed.

A Better and Safer Pool

 It is time to make your pool safer and more beautiful. With Absolut Custom Glass Systems, you get the best of both; safety and elegance – and all this without the need to bust your budget! Call Absolut Custom Glass Systems today!

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The Convenience of Purchasing Incontinence Bed Protectors and Other Bedwetting Products Online

Many people who suffer from incontinence problems opt for the cheaper sanitary pads than incontinence pads, hoping to save money. Both are absorbent products that do what they’re supposed to do, but they are not interchangeable. Sanitary pads are not meant to absorb and trap urine. Thus, they can stay damp and make skin feel sore because of bacterial infection. Paying extra for the right products, such as incontinence bed protectors, can go a long way in terms of convenience, comfort and health purposes.

adult incontinence products

adult incontinence products

4 Basic Types of Incontinence Products

 The same way you buy products in physical stores, determine what type of product you need for your or your patient. There are four main types of incontinence: urge incontinence, stress incontinence, overflow incontinence and fecal incontinence.

 Urge incontinence products are meant for people who always feel the overwhelming or sudden feeling of needing to urinate. This condition can be caused by an overactive bladder, a urinary tract infection, or muscle spasms.

 Stress incontinence supplies are designed for women suffering from incontinence from giving birth or menopause. Leakage accidents are triggered by sneezing or even laughing, this is because the sphincter muscles or the pelvic floor has weakened.

 Overflow incontinence products are designed for men, as they provide protection against leakages caused by enlarged prostate.

 Fecal incontinence supply provides assistance for people with constipation, diarrhea or storage capacity problem in pelvic floor or rectum dysfunction. This type of product is common in older women.

Different Types of Incontinence Bed Protectors

 Bed Pads for Bedwetting and Incontinence Underwear

 Department stores and medical and nurse supply stores have tons of choices for absorbent pads, pull-ops and other ADULT incontinence products that are highly capable of mopping up urine leaks. And they come in variety of sizes and styles, catering for both men and women. Incontinence underwear is also available in disposable and reusable types. New types look like ordinary underwear, but with a highly absorbent layer and waterproof backing that prevents liquid from leaking out.

Mattress Protectors

 Incontinence bed protectors also come in variety of styles, shapes and sizes. There are vinyl and rubber-backed bed pads that can keep mattresses dry against leakage problems. These products are available in the bedding section of most department stores, and they come in wide assortments. Of course, it pays to know that while many of them are waterproof, not all of them are made the same.

Rubber backed draw sheets

 For completely bedridden patients, a “draw sheet” can provide a lot of convenience and comfort for both the patient and his or her caregiver. It allows caregivers to turn their patient in bed easily without exerting much effort and not hurting their patients. They measure about 36” x 70” and are placed sideways. Some types come with rubber backing to provide optimum protection for linens, beds and mattresses and they can be found in medical supply stores.

Purchase Incontinence Supplies Online

 Some people feel uncomfortable or find it embarassing to purchase incontinence products in local department stores or medical supply stores. If you feel the same way, then your best available option is to purchase them online.

 For high quality incontinence bed protectors, check out Aleva, an Australian company known for high-quality, affordable and environment-friendly incontinence and bedwetting supplies.

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What to Expect in A Professional Security Bouncer

Door supervisors and security officers can be considered as bouncers, and to hire bouncers is to manage and keep events safe discreetly. These event construction security Melbourne are not simply deployed to decide who gets in or out of the premises, they also secure the area and help maintain a great secured atmosphere for any event, as they are well-skilled and knowledgeable to deal with situations that may get out of hand.



How Professional Security Bouncers Work

When we think of the word “bouncer” the first image that comes into our mind is a tall bulky guy who can break up commotions and fights and eject offensive patrons who are causing discomfort and threatening other guests. They are often depicted in TVs and movies and shows as the tough guy, brute-like scrappers who can stand in the middle of the fight and throw people out of the premises, be it a club, or in a concert. Many public entertainment places, especially nightclubs foster this kind of image by employing extremely large ex-jocks, or martial artist, bodybuilders or even wrestlers to handle out of control patrons or drunken guests. However, though these types of bouncers can really intimidate anyone by their sheer size and looks, they are not the most effective ones to have, as they are not usually fully adept in real-life scenarios and have not received any actual formal training in civil or criminal law. Thus, most often than not, these types of bouncers depend on their instincts and common sense, or even brute strength, to work out a problem, which can be a very scary idea.

The job of each bouncer is to observe the crowd, see how everybody behaves and anticipate bad things before they happen. This is to ensure that guests will have a good time, but along the established limits. A good bouncer is approachable, friendly, personable, and can talk to guests without looking intimidating or threatening. When looking to hire bouncers¸ you need to know that good bouncers don’t actually “bounce” off people. Rather, they talk and make people feel welcome and safe. Well trained security bouncers for hire will always remind persons that their behaviour is being examined and that they can be taken out of the premises should they pose inconvenience, discomfort or threat to anybody.

How Professional Bouncers Enforce the Rules

By having licensed security personnel around your event premises or host venue, you will be able to secure all your guests’ safety and make sure everything goes smoothly as planned. It will be completely up to you to establish the limits and require bouncers to evenly or fairly enforce the rules. In most cases, a timely, appropriate and discreet comment from a well-trained bouncer on noisy and offensive guests can be more than enough to resolve obnoxious behaviour. Sometimes, a second warning is needed to control the situation. Guests who aggressively reject these requests and refuse to behave can be removed from the premises by the bouncer quickly and discreetly. However, when you hire bouncers, you should know that violating the rules you’ve set can’t be considered as crimes. Thus, you can’t expect a well-trained bouncer to manhandle guests and patrons or put them in custody.

If you’re looking to hire professional bouncers to ensure security and safety of any event you wish to hold, then M.A. Security Services should be in your priority list. They offer Crowd Control, Mobile Patrol, Risk Assessment, and Static Guards and even provide Security for Courier Services. They have the highest customer satisfaction in Melbourne and have pleased organizers and patrons from all sorts of events.


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